Shotgunning for Love Letters | Wedding Calligraphy

About Me

I've taken a ton of personality and career interest tests and have always been strangely centered, smack dab in the middle on the graph of my results. Logical, but a creative bleeding heart; impulsive but also thoughtful, outspoken and also a listener. After college, I found myself more confused than ever. I began a career in social work but had a creative itch that needed scratching. I picked up a calligraphy pen and haven't put it down since. After a tough day, I can't wait to get home and pen a favorite quote or inspiring lyric. Calligraphy is so much more than pretty lettering, it's handcrafted and personal. I think of calligraphy like a fingerprint, each artisan has their own style. For me, each curve is crafted with mindful precision and purpose. 

As I continued to practice calligraphy, family and friends began asking for commissioned orders and encouraged me to open an Etsy shop. A year later, I launched Shotgunning for Love Letters. I now work out of my home office that I'm updating as often as possible. 

Personally, I’m a tequila loving outgoing introvert that would rather stay home with my dog and a calligraphy pen because Bravo TV and the perfect margarita. Likely, I’ll have ink on my hands and paper sprawled all over my desk that is rarely cleaned off. I work best in messy environments with last minute deadlines to meet. I absolutely love writing the curve of my favorite calligraphy letters, which right now includes the letters S, B, and M (yes, calligraphers have favorite letters). I’m mostly known as a straight-forward and driven person with a propensity for honesty. My friends can always count on me to tell the truth, but I’ve learned to wait until asked…usually. I want people to know that flawed shit is the best shit and p.s., I love cussing. 

Let's get in touch--drop me a message. 


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