Nice to Meet You!

Hi, I’m Nikki, owner of Shotgunning for Love Letters--a calligraphy shop in Baltimore, MD. I’m a tequila loving outgoing introvert that would rather stay home with my dog and a calligraphy pen because Bravo TV and the perfect margarita. Most days you can find me squeezing in some creative time whenever I can in my recently renovated home office in Baltimore, Maryland until my margarita says “no more, the lines aren’t straight.” Likely, I’ll have ink on my hands and paper sprawled all over my desk that is only cleaned off for photo shoots. I work best in messy environments with last minute deadlines to meet.

I absolutely love writing the curve of my favorite calligraphy letters and wowing brides with one of-a-kind custom wedding invitations. I’m mostly known as a decisive and driven person with a propensity for honesty. My friends can always count on me to tell the truth, but I’ve learned to wait until asked…mostly. I want people to know that flawed shit is the best shit and p.s., I love cussing.