I Donut What I'd Do Without You

Source:  Meg Ruth

Source: Meg Ruth

I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Chicago which is one of my favorite cities to visit. After college, a lot of my friends moved there, so it always feels like a bit of a reunion for me. This time, we celebrated my friend Kara's engagement and threw her a surprise donut tasting party in place of a traditional cake tasting. She's thinking about creating a faux cake by arranging local donuts from some of Chicago's best donut shops.


When planning this party, my first stop was to head over to A New Leaf in Old Town to pick up some pretty flowers and greenery to off set all of the bright donuts and add an earthy element (because I was about to dominate dessert). The flower shop was absolutely gorgeous and had flowers I had never seen before. If I lived anywhere near this place, I'd be better at keeping fresh flowers in my house. Next, we got a ton of donuts from Glazed and Infused, Stan's Donuts, and Do-Rite Donuts. I'll start off by saying that not a single donut we tried was bad. In fact, they were all pretty much exceptional. In order to keep track of which donuts Kara liked the most, we cut up the donuts into little bite size pieces, plated them, but also made sure to leave a little piece in it's respective donut shop box so that we could go back and know where each donut came from. We kept "do-notes" about each sample on this cute little doodle sheet I made from Shotgunning for Love Letters Etsy Shop

I also made some cute little donut coffee sleeves from the etsy shop but when it came time for the party, all we had available was champagne (oops?). I opted to put the sleeves on the champagne glasses because I didn't want to waste a festive detail! I also grabbed a few place cards, a custom card from the girls, and some cute little drink stirrers with watercolor donut doodles and re purposed them as donut labels. Message me for custom details for your next party! 

As I said, all of the donuts were amazing. I am a sucker for a chocolate glazed donut with sprinkles. Biting into one reminds me of my childhood. Glazed donuts are also a classic for me. We got to try some seasonal donuts including a chocolate peppermint, pistachio honey, apple fritter, and maple glazed with peppered bacon. Kara has her work cut out for her as far as picking the top few for her donut cake. 


Ultimately, a donut tasting party works well as a fun surprise for you and  your girlfriends, an impromptu brunch, baby shower, or even bridal shower. For the record, I had donuts for dinner that night and also breakfast the next morning.