Post Wedding Engagement Session

There was a time in my life when I loved the wilderness, camping, building a fire, and making s’mores. I was a Girl Scout. I was once the girl who refused to wear her uniform, donning only ripped up jeans with grass stains, eager to make mud pies and play capture the flag. I also LOVED camping. That time has passed. Much to Andy’s dismay, I have swung so far in the opposite direction. Andy loves the outdoors. He’ll run 5 miles on an 80 degree day; I’ll have a margarita on a beach chair. He’ll go on a woodsy hike; I’ll shop for a “woodsy” outfit. Andy might even swim in a lake…me on the other hand…there could be leeches. Fortunately, he loves me anyway.

After a few years of begging, I finally agreed to go on a camping trip with him to North East Maryland. The campground had a beach, actual toilets, and was pet friendly. At first, things seemed to be going well. We set up the tent, took Titan to the beach, and did a little sight-seeing. I think Andy started to sense that I was ready to get in the car and head home. To distract me, he suggested we go to the crab shack we passed on the way there and pick up some blue crabs. I was successfully distracted for a short while. As we got ready for bed, I became increasingly aware of how dark it is in the woods and how scared I was of getting eaten by a bear...which I'm fairly certain are not indigenous to that area. Either way, I was pretty sure I was going to die that night. Andy fell asleep immediately and so did our dog Titan. Every time I heard a little noise, I nudged Titan and he would sigh deeply and roll over. He may be 90 pounds, but he was not in the mood to "protect" me that night (most likely because he did not sense danger). 

That night was one of the longest nights of my life and that wasn't even the worst part. I can't believe I am going to admit this to all of you...but the worst part of that camping trip was actually the trail of bug bites...on my butt (use your imagination, or don't). That's actually the worst place for bug bites on your body...TRUST. The next day as I was trying to get rid of that awful itch I couldn’t scratch, I had to enlist Andy’s help. He yelled out in his thickest NASCAR driver accent "SPREAD THEM CHEEKS" as he applied the anti-itch spray. Top five most embarrassing and hilarious moments of my life. We haven't been back to North East, Maryland and we definitely haven't been camping.

I decided to take one last trip back to the woods with Andy for a post wedding photo shoot with, Kate-E Frazier Photography. You may remember Kate-E also took our wedding day photos in Baltimore City. I love working with Kate-E because she makes me feel so comfortable in front of the camera and makes the day fun. She is always thinking of new ideas during our shoots and is such a talented photographer.

The dress pictured is by SAJA Wedding and is available at Bella Bridesmaids: Baltimore. As always, Whitney and her team were super helpful and gave me styling ideas for the shoot. I'm happy to share our post wedding photos with you.