Our First Date: Let's Get to Know Each Other

This blog post is about to feel a little bit like an awkward first date where one of us talks way more than the other. I'm sorry about that, but I wanted to share more about me so we can get to know each other better. Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments below. I'd love to know more about you! Ideally, I'd like to share more about myself each week in this Get to Know Me series. 

Where did the name Shotgunning for Love Letters come from?
Well, my now husband and I decided to elope in November 2014. I figured a lot of people would've thought we eloped because I was pregnant, which I wasn't. Our elopement story is a bit deeper than that (read more about that here) but moral of the story is, we had a shotgun wedding for love. Our wedding hashtag was #shotgunningforlove. I added "Letters" to the end to represent my calligraphy and hand lettering. The name combines the idea of love, weddings, and calligraphy. 

What sparked interest in your industry?
One of my best friends will tell you I've ALWAYS had good handwriting, and it's true. I was always designated to take notes, write on the board at school, or write for a group project. As I got older, I started crafting and lettering for friend's showers, parties, and weddings. I finally took the plunge and ordered myself a handmade oblique pen made of a beautiful black walnut tree from Rodger's Pen Box. I spent a lot of time listening to acoustic playlists on Spotify and completing calligraphy drills until I opened up an Etsy shop. What I love about calligraphy is the mindfulness I can practice while writing. It's easy to think about nothing but the letters and stay in the moment which is great for my anxiety!

Underwater in Mexico

What's inspiring you lately?
Honestly? Cacti and desert hues. I live in Baltimore and while I absolutely love the city, I occasionally long for remote places like the desert or Colorado mountains. My office is decorated with as much plant life as I can pack in my small space and I love the contrast of the exposed brick and mixed metals. 

What are your favorite blogs to check out?
My favorite lifestyle blog is The Honeybee by Andee Layne. If you're on Pinterest, you've come across a few outfit ideas from this stylish lady. My favorite vloggers with awesome makeup tutorials are Simply Sona by Sona Gasparian and Miss Maven by Teni Panosian. For calligraphy, I like to visit The Postman's Knock by Lindsee Bugbee regularly. 

What are some of your guilty pleasures?
I'm not sure how guilty I really feel about this, but I watch almost every single series on Bravo TV. I'm obsessed. If you're wondering, my favorite housewives are RHONY.