Watercolor Brush Lettering Envelope Addressing

Watercolor Brush Lettering Envelope Addressing

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A great way to set the tone for your detailed and personal wedding is to use custom handwritten calligraphy. Guests truly appreciate the personal touch and it looks great in photographs (don't forget to save a few for your videographer and photographer)! 

Outer envelope: $3.00 (full names and addresses)
Inner envelope: $1.00/each (just the names)
Return address (written on back): $2.50
RSVP Envelope: $2.50

I can provide the envelopes, however there is an additional cost (I will need to know your color, size, and quantity). The envelopes must be able to withstand calligraphy ink. Message me for questions. I am happy to provide you with envelopes.

After purchase, you will need to send me names and addresses to nikki@shotgunningforloveletters.com. This file should come to me as a Microsoft Excel, Word, or PDF document. Be sure to format your addresses EXACTLY as you would like them to appear on the envelopes, including titles and abbreviations. I'm happy to send you a template Excel doc--just ask!


20-40 envelopes: 2 weeks

50-60 envelopes: 3 weeks

70-100 envelopes- 4 weeks

Over 100 envelopes: 5 weeks or more


Hand addressed services are non-refundable. With that being said, I want you to be happy. If I make a mistake, that is my responsibility and I will do my best to fix the problem and correct that mistake as quickly as possible!

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