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5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a New Relationship

If you’re dating a new person this holiday, choosing a gift for her or him can be difficult. You do not want to be plain or choose something that will scare your partner. Besides, you need to avoid overdoing it at all costs as that can also turn them off.

This article will guide you on the best gift ideas for your newly found love this holiday. It reviews the perfect gifts you can use to show someone your love despite the short time you’ve been together.

Let’s dive into it.

#1 A fun activity you can share

The first way to make someone feel special this holiday is by sharing a fun activity with that person. There is a long list of things you can do with your new partner without them feeling pressured. The main idea here is that the activity has to be one you can share so that you don’t sit and watch.

For instance, you can take your significant other to a ropes course, hiking, or skiing if they are the adventurous type. You can also take your partner out to stargaze or for a candle-lit dinner. All these are activities that you can do together with your beloved one and enjoy the festivities.

#2 A do it yourself

You can also gift your significant other without going high on budget. You have a lot of DIYs to think about and impress your partner this Christmas. For instance, you can write a poem or song for them. Despite your skill level, those are unique gifts that your partner will appreciate.

There are more advanced DIYs that you can also consider. For example, a one-of-a-kind candle or vintage bookmarks will do. But then, you will need some skill set to get this right. It helps to hire someone with the right skills to prepare the gift.

#3 Something that relates to their hobbies

Gifting your lover with something that relates to his or her hobbies shows that you listen to him/her. If your lover is a sports fanatic, a gift related to his/her favorite sport will melt your partner down. Since this is a new relationship, you have to learn about his or her hobbies quickly.

It is easy for online dating to know someone’s hobbies as they’ll often display them on their profiles. There could be two or more hobbies, and the best thing is to pick one. If you have no idea about your lover’s hobbies, you can consider giving him/her something related to your hobby for future shared activities.

#4 A personalized art print for their desk

Personalized art is an excellent accessory for an office desk. Gifting your partner with one can be a great thing to do. The print could have his or her face or something that they love. For instance, you can have a picture of wildlife if your partner loves visiting the park.

Another thing that could well fit their desk is a calendar. One thing to remember is that it doesn’t have to be plain as many people think. It is easy to personalize a calendar and make it a special gift for someone. A personalized print is one of the inexpensive gifts you can consider.

#5 Travel Mug

Is your significant other always on the go? Think about making his/her travels better and comfortable (once the pandemic will be over, of course). A travel mug is one of the best gifts you can give in that respect. It will make the person remember that moment whenever they take a sip from it as they go on with new adventures.

Unlike what many people think, a travel mug doesn’t have to be plain too. You can go a mile ahead and customize it with the best prints to make it look unique. For instance, you can engrave your partner’s picture on the side, and he/she will enjoy carrying it with him/her wherever he/she goes.

Final thoughts

Those are some of the unique gift ideas you can think about this Christmas. Your newly found love needs to feel appreciated, and gifting him/her is the best way to restate your commitment. Being in a new relationship, whether physically or online dating, you need to study your partner’s favorites. You should also think outside the box and customize the gifts or plan something you can do together.