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Top 5 Home Date Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tuesday, Dec, 2020 By Brooke.

The current times have presented all of us with new challenges that affect our everyday lives. We are no longer able to have social interaction with those that we don’t know. Our friendships and even dating relationships have begun to suffer. Keeping in contact is now harder than it ever has been. Dating during a pandemic creates multiple challenges.

darn pandemic!

With dating being tough in the first place, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it near impossible. Interacting through …

Top 5 Reasons Women Feel Pressured to Get Married

Tuesday, Dec, 2020 By Brooke.

There’s no doubt that many people feel the pressure to get married at some point in their life. Many of us just view it as the next step in our relationships. While there isn’t anything to punish us if we don’t take the plunge, it can still feel like we are wasting time or failing when a relationship doesn’t lead to marriage.

Marriage is eternal happyness… right?

For women, this is especially true. There is a lot of pressure on women to get married, even in today’s enlightened age. …

Avoid These 5 Toxic Relationship Habits

Tuesday, Dec, 2020 By Brooke.

Like many, I have often heard the quote, “Love is like a pot of gold, hard to get and hard to hold,” in songs and poems. For the longest time those words made me wonder, which is harder, getting love or holding on to it. No artist, poet, and not even the Leprechaun himself has offered any clues to answer that question. However, finding love a time or two in the past has taught me that if I spend the time to recognize and avoid the characteristics of toxic …

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for a New Relationship

Tuesday, Dec, 2020 By Brooke.

If you’re dating a new person this holiday, choosing a gift for her or him can be difficult. You do not want to be plain or choose something that will scare your partner. Besides, you need to avoid overdoing it at all costs as that can also turn them off.

This article will guide you on the best gift ideas for your newly found love this holiday. It reviews the perfect gifts you can use to show someone your love despite the short time you’ve been together. …