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4 Signs You're Ready for a Long-Term Relationship

You are mentally available for developing a relationship

When you’re on a tight schedule it can be hard to maintain lasting friendships and let alone a fruitful and healthy relationship. The first question you must ask yourself is: “Am I mentally overclocked to take on the weight of a serious commitment?” If you are busy with work and other priorities that are occupying the majority of the space in your brain then it’s fair to assume you aren’t ready for jumping into something long-term.

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You must assess your position in life and firstly recognize when you are ready to commit to someone based on your available energy. This can be tricky at times because we often bite off more than we can chew and end up potentially hurting others. Always make sure you have the space for a new relationship before you consider something like an online dating platform. Make sure you have some excess time to reflect on thoughts and devote to the relationship cause before diving into something unmanageable.

You aren’t desperate but are serious about commitment

It’s important to not pursue any long-term online relationship when you are feeling desperate or lonely. This is indicative that you’re not searching for the right reasons and aren’t content with yourself, to begin with. Perhaps you feel rushed or pressured by other friends and their relationships to get one as soon as possible. This mentality is flawed because everyone should go at their own pace. When you are independent and balanced with yourself, you have the clarity to choose if you are ready to commit to a serious relationship. It is common for people who desperately need to find a mate to fall into unwanted relationships that can be toxic and mentally damaging. Self-confidence is the key to determining whether you have serious intentions or not.

If you have the drive to pursue a serious commitment, then that is when online dating should be used. Despair makes you settle for less or someone incompatible with your personality. It is important to find someone who is as committed as you are so that you can find common ground. Making sure the significant other is happy with themselves is also critical to a healthy relationship.

Dates are exciting and aren’t seen as an inconvenience

Sometimes it’s easy to be discouraged and see dating as a chore where you feel like you have to give some grand performance. If you have negative feelings about going out with someone then most likely the outcome will reflect those thoughts and manifest in real life. When dating is seen as an inconvenience it is definitely felt by the other party, especially if you’re on your cell phone the whole time trying to get away. It’s a fairly simple concept. If you aren’t optimistic about a date then don’t go on it until you view dating in a more proactive light. The whole goal of dating is to find a potential partner, and the foundation starts when you meet. If someone is indifferent or plagued by your presence then it’s a sign they aren’t ready to treat the date seriously and with respect. This can lead to hurt feelings and difficult times which you can spare yourself from by assessing your personal position on the current dating scene.

Don’t be picky with must-haves and be flexible with an open mind

If you have too many requirements and treat dating like a job interview instead of getting to know someone then there will be problems. There are many qualities people look for in potential partners before they even try a dating app. This is why there are options to search for a specific type of person and the tool can be very useful. However, you’ll notice that the more refined your search is, the fewer results pop up. If someone displays a trait that is a deal-breaker for you then don’t immediately shut it down. Consider and weigh the situation and then give them a chance instead of examining your hang-ups and must-haves in a partner. Everyone has these, but it’s wise to be polite and flexible when dating for a more agreeable experience. It gets to a point where some preferences are unrealistic and downright silly, so be willing to overlook certain lacking qualities when dating and focus on the parts you actually like and go from there!

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