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Thinking About Online Dating?

Interesting online dating statistics!

It’s true—more and more people are turning to dating online. We know it is different, but people are loving it! As less people feel comfortable, due to the pandemic, to go out and socialize, where most people typically find a significant other, instead, people are picking up their phones or opening their laptops and dating via the Internet.

intersting online dating statistics

Statistics reveal that this is only an increasing trend. Presently, as this continues, one day we may eventually look back and wonder how we even met people in person. Hopefully, though, we can keep the human interaction alive, but as it is proving day by day, dating online is becoming favored by more people. In this blog post, we would like to peruse the idea of online dating with you, show you some statistics, and give you a general idea of what you can expect.

Are there more Men or Women?

What do you think? Are there more women or men using online dating? If you picked women, you’re wrong. In fact, 54 percent of men use dating service apps and services, while only 41 percent of women do so. This is great news for you girl! This means that for women, compared to men, you have, as they say, have more fish in the sea to choose from. For men, you still have a large pool of women with an enormous 41 percent dating online looking for you.

On that same note, men, you’re in luck! Research shows that after a woman matches with a man, they tend to send the first message roughly 23% of the time. This means that if you’re a man and you match with an attractive woman, there is a solid chance that she will make the first move and message you. This definitely helps take some of the pressure off that initial Icebreaker. On the other hand, women, unfortunately men only make the first move about 7% of the time. This means that you’re probably going to have to message first if you match with the cute boy.

Who Likes Who More?

Furthermore, women, we found something else in your favor. Men, on average, casually like one out of every two photos that they see in internet dating services and applications. This means that for you, you have a higher chance of matching with someone you are interested in. However, women are generally more cognizant and meticulous in their selection as 93% report that they only like photos and profiles they are actually attracted to. So guys, means you might need to adjust that Lighting in your profile picture or develop some creative wordplay to entice the attention of a beautiful young woman, as they are looking closer and closer. So too quickly recap, in the dating online pool there are more men than women. For a woman, you have a very high chance of matching with a man; and this year a man, then you have a very good chance of receiving the first message from a woman of your liking, so as you match with them.

Numbers Don’t Lie

There is cheer in the air when it comes to dating online as 17 percent of all marriages in 2015 began online. And this statistic is only growing annually. Once upon a time using a dating service was slightly askance in people’s view. But that no longer exists! Dating online has become increasingly normal as people of all ages, from 18 to 78 years old, are matching and finding partners online.

To Come Full Circle

So no matter what you are, man or woman or transgender, online matching is a great resource to help you broaden your social Horizon and have casual encounters. Nowadays, there are apps used for beyond just love interests; today you can find business relationships, or anything else, right in the palm of your hand.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash