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5 Tips for Texting Your Dates

At this point, dating online has almost entirely replaced traditional dating meet-and-greet, your girl or man back in the day. With our busy schedules and career-filled lives, we have little time left to mingle and meet the one. This is why online dating came to our rescue. Putting yourself out there means signing up on a dating site or keeping an online dating app. texting and dating

The only way online dating can work is if there is good communication. With frequent hangouts almost out of the picture because of our swamped schedules, communicating better can go along way in maintaining the virtual relationship.

  1. Asking genuine questions

Honesty will always come in handy when dating because you get to be the real you and not fake any part of it. Texting and knowing your date better makes one comfortable around someone. By asking questions, this will help you to know do’s and don’ts around them. Genuine questions should also be asked in a manner that one would not find it so interrogative. One can also come up with questions from a conversation you had earlier on and something you experienced during your day. Questions one can ask some random facts about them, what they prefer to what, what are some of the things that they are proud of in life and what they want to achieve, later on, some childhood stories that they would not mind sharing, their happy places if they have any maybe around their friends or siblings, what they value most and some of their priorities. Genuine questions easily show one someone’s character.

  1. What about you?

People normally ask questions to ask them back, and you can get to know them. Asking them questions gives them a chance to open up easily and a chance. Giving them a chance to talk about themselves and even answer some of their questions will make them know and feel interested in knowing more about them. Talking more about yourself can make you look self-centered. Your opinion about their answers helps a lot since they will know what you think about them through this. Let them talk more since effective listening is better than talking.

  1. There is more to texting

Texting gets more interesting when one sends pictures and videos. Pictures, videos, GIFS, and audio messages express more emotions to conversations. Texting by using pictures help one to understand something more vividly. It becomes easier for one to send audio messages since voices are heard, and one can get to know your mood using them. You can also share some educative and quote pictures randomly, which can really make their day better. Funny videos that can make them laugh. You can also find random pictures and videos; this will make them feel appreciated, d thought of, and see that you are keen when you are texting or conversing with them.

  1. Communicating earlier

So many people get upset when their texts are not answered. People tend to think they are being ignored or even think that you do not care about them. To make it easier, you can inform them way earlier tell them you will not be available from a specific time, and you will be back. You can even call them when telling them this. After attending to you, errands tell them how your day has been; has it been hectic? Did you miss him or her? You can make it up to them by video calling at the end of the day, inviting them for dinner, or texting them for some ample time when you get the time.

  1. Take the initiative

Always take the initiative to text your date regardless if you are the one texting first. This will make them feel cared for. Not texting can be an indicator of low interest, making your date think that you are not interested in them. Not waiting for them to text will make them feel comfortable for them to text first when you are not available or are still asleep. It is even better to text them daily, even if it is just for a few minutes.

These texting tips for dating will save your pathetic romantic life. It’s a surety.

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash