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Top 5 Home Date Ideas during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current times have presented all of us with new challenges that affect our everyday lives. We are no longer able to have social interaction with those that we don’t know. Our friendships and even dating relationships have begun to suffer. Keeping in contact is now harder than it ever has been. Dating during a pandemic creates multiple challenges.

darn pandemic!

With dating being tough in the first place, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it near impossible. Interacting through online dating through zoom can help two people connect, but interacting in person is always more appealing. Planning stay-at-home dates can be done and there are multiple ideas to keep the romance alive.

Enjoy a backyard picnic

Pack up a meal and plan a romantic date without going anywhere. Enjoy the meal together in private with the luxuries of having a home close. Make it more like an actual picnic with a blanket on the ground. Bring out some pillows to relax after the meal and lay in the outdoors. Cuddle and chill while getting to breathe in the natural air. Getaway with your love without going very far away at all.

Digital escape room games

All of us have technology that keeps us busy. Several games and apps are available to appeal to all of us. Digital escape rooms help to exercise our mental capacity and can be done in teams. Grab your date or loved one and work on them together. Enjoy each other’s time together and solve the room. If you are unable to be with your date in person, take advantage of technology and online dating. Share the screen and make it a competition through zoom. The possibilities are endless.

Try cooking a multi-course meal together

Food always brings joy to everyone. Creating a meal together brings a couple together as it requires teamwork. Depending on each-others taste, deciding on the meal can be difficult. Get together and plan out everything from the main dish to the side dishes and desserts. It is fun to make it personal. After planning the meal, enjoy each other’s company and space while creating the plan together. You will learn a lot about your companion during this experience. Enjoy eating together on a date at the table afterward. This is a great idea to really get to know your love.

Two-player board games

Mental stimulation is always important, especially during a pandemic when we are all forced to stay at home. Without spending anything, go to the closet and get out your favorite board game. There are multiple types of two-player games that you can play on a date. It is a very informal way to enjoy a new love or even someone you have known for a long time. To make it more intimate and comfortable, choose to stay in your lounge clothing and bring snacks. Board games are classic and always fun!!

Backyard or patio stargazing

Use nature as a fun escape and enjoy the backyard. Grab a soft blanket to wrap up with your date and go outside at night. Look up and enjoy the vast universe and look at the stars. Stargazing is known to be romantic and makes a great opportunity for deep discussion. If the weather allows, lay the blanket out and enjoy each other’s touch laying and looking up. If it is colder, cuddle up together and think deep. Look up and take a breath into the large Unknown.

COVID-19 has taken a toll on all of us and really changed the way we interact with others. It has limited our possibilities to enjoy certain types of entertainment comfortably and kept us home. Dating during this pandemic can be hard, but with a little creativity it is easy. Use the backyard as a getaway, or play a game together. Really get to know the one you’re with by cooking something you both can enjoy at the end of your hard work. Staying at home may feel daunting and overwhelming, but there are ways to enjoy time and connect with others. Make a date at home and still get to know your significant other or soon to be.

Photo by Edwin Hooper on Unsplash